How do you make your sister stop talking?

Answer meet her in hell

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How to Make Your Sister Stop Annoying You?

Do you have an annoying sister? yes? Well then this is the article for you. We'll give you all the tips for how to make her stop and stay stopped.

How do you make your baby sister stop crying so much?

Make her happy. Give her a lollipop or let her have whatever she wants.But tell her crying isn't right and next time she won't get it.If she is crying about something you can't give her then try to... Read More »

How can you make your little sister stop being annoying?

ignore her dont let her in your room tell your mom or dad

How to Get Your Teenager to Stop Talking to Strangers on the Web?

Sometimes getting your teen to stop talking to strangers online is difficult. But if you think about it any social network site could also encourage your teens to talk to a stranger, maybe even...m... Read More »