How do you make your really annoying sister shut up?

Answer Walk off. If she follows, then tell an adult.

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How do you make your sister shut up?

Is the problem that your sister is embarrassing you, either in front of your date or in front of family or your, or her, friends by talking about your date, or about you and your date? You don't s... Read More »

How to Make Your Sister Stop Annoying You?

Do you have an annoying sister? yes? Well then this is the article for you. We'll give you all the tips for how to make her stop and stay stopped.

How can you make your little sister stop being annoying?

ignore her dont let her in your room tell your mom or dad

How do you get your sister to shut up?

First, ask her to please be quiet or stop talking. Don't say it in a bossy tone either because she probably won't listen. If she still keeps talking over and over, ask her again to please be quiet ... Read More »