How do you make your own snowcones at home ?

Answer Crush ice in my blender then pour whatever flavor koolaid over the ice in a cup.

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Ho can you make home made Potpourri or something to keep your home scented?

I grow a fragrance garden which has flowers that are highly scented and I dry them. You can hang bunches upside down and leave them that way or break them apart to put in bowls and containers. I ... Read More »

Face Masks You Can Make at Home to Help Make Your Skin Healthier?

Many skin care products contain ingredients from nature. Before reaching for that debit card to purchase the latest skin care products, go right to the source of the nutrients and try your hand at... Read More »

Does upgrading your countertops make your home more saleable?

If they look worn or outdated, then yes, consider upgrading. However, never upgrade something like a counter top above what you have in appliances or space. Those are going to be what they look a... Read More »

What's your favourite decoration to make your home feel festive?

Fairy lights.We have them all around the garden and our house, inside and out. They just make the place seem so happy, bright and cheery. And our 6 month old Daughter loves to watch them twinkle.