How do you make your own bento box lunch?

Answer I love making bento box lunches - just the perfect amount of healthy, delicious food that is easy to make and since it's homemade, you know what's in it!Give this site a shot - ... Read More »

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How to Make Bento?

While the Japanese term "bento" roughly translates to "box lunch" in English, this is not your average packed lunch. The goal with bento is to assemble a meal that is just as appealing to the eyes ... Read More »

How to Make Kitty Sausage Bento?

A delightful kitty made from sausage (not the other way around!) from Gamene, this bento is sure to delight young and old alike. It's easy to assemble but incredibly effective to the eye and it tas... Read More »

How to Make Mini Apples Bento?

These little apples bento by Gamene make an adorable bento or they can be used individually as a food display in their own right. They're easy to make, and here is how.

How to Make Penguin Meatballs Bento?

This delightful recipe from Gamene features vegetarian meatballs made to look like penguins. They're perfect for the bento lunchbox and for tempting children who won't eat their meatballs unless th... Read More »