How do you make your crops grow faster in farmville?

Answer Currently, there is no way to speed the growth of your crops in FarmVille. This may or may not be added as a feature in the future.

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Farmville Strategies - Quick Tips To Level Up Faster?

1. Plant raspberries on your farm and harvest them every 2 hours. By plowing & harvesting several times in a day, you gain more XPs2. Add more Farmville neighbors. Each time you work on their farm,... Read More »

What are some good crops that can grow in clay?

Two words: soil amendments. Perhaps these two: soil conditioning. It's not as important what is grown as what the soil is treated with. Climate conditions set aside, that is. With a smaller or grea... Read More »

Crops That Grow Well in Clay Soil?

Clay soils, which are heavier than other type soils, retain water very well, sometimes too well for some garden plants. Some crops thrive and grow well even in heavy clay soils, while others will n... Read More »

What kind of crops grow in Israel?

According to's CIA Factbook Israel's Agricultural products are: citrus, vegetables, cotton; The citrus is mainly Oranges grown in the central are... Read More »