How do you make your cervix efface?

Answer Do not try to make your cervix efface by yourself. If your doctor feels like you need to go into labor, he will start you on medicine. Its not good for your baby or you to try to do things on your ... Read More »

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If your 12dpo with soft cervix n cervix looks a little blue and is open and egg white fluid are you pregnant?

Answer Unfortunately only a blood test can answer this accurately at this stage. Your cervix will be soft and open during vaginal discharge and you may be pregnant.Although I can't really improve o... Read More »

If your cervix is two centimeter and your bag is try to go throu how do you break it?

That is not the type of thing to play around with or get directions online as you go. If you are in that condition you should be under the care of a trained professional. If you are not, then you s... Read More »

How to Feel Your Cervix?

Many women tracking their ovulation check their cervix as part of the process. The cervix becomes soft, high, open, and wet during ovulation, and at other times is firm, low, closed, and dry.[1] It... Read More »

If you are 32 weeks pregnant with your 5th child and your cervix is 1-1 and a half cms dilated does this mean early labour?

I am a labor and delivery nurse and see this all the time. The answer to the question is that the more children you have the more lax your cervix becomes. We call this, unofficially, a multip-cervi... Read More »