How do you make your boobs bigger:)?

Answer If you're only 14 your chest will probably develop more, but you could always wear a slight pushup bra to give yourself a little boost if you feel that you need it. Just don't feel like you need bi... Read More »

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How can you lose weight but make your boobs bigger or look bigger?

Answer you will still lose your boobs and butt if you lose weight(for some people)but you can try and do ab workouts and leg workouts to still keep you lean and toned in those areas

What do u eat to make yor boobs bigger?

Cantaloupes... lol... kidding... the only thing that really helps you get bigger boobs is gaining weight. Really! Your boobies will look like large torpedoes if you eat enough. Then when you get ... Read More »

How do I make my boobs bigger?

y do u want boobs? dnt go with the flow of everybody else thats lame, youll grow, mines only a 34 B and im 20 my bf loves em! but i dunno doo boobs exersises??? lol look em up!

Is there anything you can do to make boobs bigger?