How do you make your Nikon D40 let you take pictures without the lens on?

Answer early morning or early evening

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What Nikon lens would be the best to take pictures of the stars with?

You took pictures without the memory card in your nikon d60 how do you get the pictures out?

You can't. It has no hard disk. Your pictures are simply lost.

I have a Nikon D5000, I would like to take pictures of high school football games , will any f2.8 lens work?

If the field is superbly lighted then you don't necessarily need an f/2.8 lens. The problem first is focal length. You can't get near the players. You need at least a 200mm lens. 300mm is more real... Read More »

You are trying to use a Nikon ES-1 slide copying adapter with your Nikon D40 with 18-55mm zoom lens without succes you have also tryed using it with adapter rings BR-5 and Br-3 without success.?