How do you make you your cookies fluffy instead of flat?

Answer I've posted this before and I love the science behind why cookies turn out flat and crisp, puffy and soft or chewy. Looks like you are looking for "The Puffy", which uses butter flavored shortenin... Read More »

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Is it healthier eat the crispy crust of baguette instead the fluffy stuff inside?

it's exactly the same as the rest.the only reason the ends are harder is because the crust is has the exact same nutritional value as the softer parts.

What can i use instead of flour in cookies?

Try grinding oatmeal until it has the same consistancey as flour.

Can you use margarine in sugar cookies instead of butter?

Margarine can be substituted for butter in sugar cookie recipes, but the substitution may cause a difference in flavor, texture or shape. To avoid these changes, only replace up to half of the butt... Read More »

Why Do My Cookies Spread & Go Flat?

Some cookie recipes are designed to produce thin, flat and crispy cookies, but these are not desirable attributes in all cookies. The ingredients and baking method will determine the final texture ... Read More »