Will plain water sugar water salt water or water with miracle grow make green beans grow the most in 12 days?

Answer it will b way easier if u did an experiment that way u'll b sur about the answer 2 that question

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Does tap water or distilled water make a lima bean plant grow taller?

On One Hand: Chemicals in Tap WaterTap water in many areas has added chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine and iodine, which can potentially harm plants. Tap water can also be "hard," having high mi... Read More »

How do you separate clean sea water that make up muddy sea water?

How to Make Water Float on Water for a Science Project?

Water is an important substance. It covers 70% of the world's surface, and is vital for human and mammal survival. When water has solidified into ice, it can easily float on itself, but a science p... Read More »

How to make bore water into mineral water ?

Just buy a RO filter.It's anyway advisable for making tea:tastes better.But you should have checked the pipes,too.They might be old and who knows what might be in there...