How do you make those hearts on facebook and myspace?

Answer ALT CHARACTERSSpecial ALT Characters -…Windows Alt Key Codes -…Ultimate Cool Characters - http://www.theworldof... Read More »

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How can I make hearts and music notes in my text on Myspace?

use alt codes. press alt and then the number.alt + 3 = ♥alt + 13= ♪alt + 14 = ♫

How can i make hearts and music notes on my facebook post?

Turn NUM LOCK on.Hold in ALT and push 3 on your num lock key pad. Release the alt button. A heart should appear. ♥For musical notes, hold in ALT and type 13 on your left hand key pad (push 1, rel... Read More »

How do you make the different symbols like music notes and hearts on facebook status ?

search "special characters" for myspace♥ = the & symbol, "hearts", the ; punctuation (no spaces) ie: & hearts ; (withnospaces)Special Characters Codes:Symbol Description Special Cod... Read More »

How to Put Hearts on MySpace?

It's fairly simple. This is the way to add hearts