How to Make Thermite?

Answer 110 grams of thermite reactingThermite is a material used in welding to melt metals together. It burns at around 2200 C and can melt through most metals.

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Who has the patent to the nano-thermite?

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office search tool doesn't have exact available patents for "nano-thermite," but it has a number of patents referring to "thermites." The two major patent holders for ... Read More »

How to make simple infrared transmitter and receiver i want to make ir remote which make on or off a led ?

Hm... Don't think you can do that with remote like this!Good luck!

What exercises to make lose stomach flab and make butt smaller?

crunches, leg lifts for the abs, and squats for the butt. Use light weight, and lots of reps. Eat foods high in protien, and watch the carbs.

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IF you stop eating then Yes you will get fat its common knowlege like come on EVERYBODY knows that.....