How can we get custody my husband's 5 kids. The older kids are failing school and they are so smart Their mother does nothing to help them or make them do their homework.?

Answer Take him to court for a custody battle?

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Dose flossing make your teeth loose and make them fall out?

How can someone convince their guardian to let them go somewhere when their guardian is unsure about the idea of letting them go?

um, if it is somewhere were there isn't gonna be any parents, so that's wot their worried about you could get a friend to pretend to be the 'parent' and call then say that yeah yeah, its all gonna ... Read More »

If your child with Down syndrome won't come with you should you take their hand and make them for their own safety?

Why not discuss this issue with your school guidance counselor or other trusted adult? Also, give some thought to whether or not you really hate people with disabilities, and why. You may discover ... Read More »

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