How do you make the words smaller on the google toolbar?

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How to Easily Make the Words on Your Screen Smaller?

To easily shrink text in your Web browser, press the "Ctrl" and "-" keys. The words will reduce in size, and images and other elements may change size as well, depending on which browser you use. T... Read More »

I accidentally hit a shortcut and now the Google search bar of the google toolbar is gone?

just add new google toolbar on your IE…

How to Get Rid of Google Toolbar?

Google offers a toolbar for your web browser that provides access to a number of Google services such as Search, Google Bookmarks, and Spell check. This toolbar, however, takes up screen space in y... Read More »

How to Customize the Google Toolbar?

The Google Toolbar is a Google feature you can install into your Internet browser that allows you to perform a number of different tasks; including the ability to perform a Google search from any w... Read More »