What color does green& yellow make?

Answer Mixing green and yellow will yield light green or a yellow-green. Secondary colors--green, orange and violet--are made by mixing two of the three primary colors: red, blue and yellow. Tertiary colo... Read More »

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What color does yellow& orange make?

Yellow is a primary color and orange is a secondary color. If you mix the two together you create yellow-orange. Yellow-orange is a tertiary color and tertiary colors are formed by mixing a primary... Read More »

What color does yellow&brown make?

Yellow is a primary color while brown is a tertiary color. If you add a bit of brown to yellow, it makes a darker yellow, like goldenrod. Adding more brown will make it turn a lighter brown.Referen... Read More »

What color does yellow&green make?

Primary colors consist of red, yellow and blue. Secondary colors are violet, orange and green. When you mix a primary and secondary color together, you create a tertiary color. Yellow and green mak... Read More »

Pink,purple,and yellow. what color will it make?