What color does red and green make?

Answer mixed? a nasty brown color

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What color does green& yellow make?

Mixing green and yellow will yield light green or a yellow-green. Secondary colors--green, orange and violet--are made by mixing two of the three primary colors: red, blue and yellow. Tertiary colo... Read More »

What color does yellow&green make?

Primary colors consist of red, yellow and blue. Secondary colors are violet, orange and green. When you mix a primary and secondary color together, you create a tertiary color. Yellow and green mak... Read More »

What color does brown and green make when mixed?

The result will depend upon the proportion and shade of both the brown and the green used. When brown and green are mixed together, the end result is a dark, almost black color.Source:Kidz Zone: Th... Read More »

How to Make Temporary Green Hair Color?

Whatever your reason for wanting to dye your hair green---St. Patrick's Day or Halloween, to root for your favorite sports team, or just for the heck of it---you probably you don't want your hair t... Read More »