How do you make the baby come down more?

Answer It depends... It can be 4 hours or 1 day

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Will the price of Plasma and or LCD flat screen tvs come down If so when would they come down?

The price will come down on these product's. But only when the majority of the gullible public have bought one

Is it harmful to the unborn baby if a pregnant mother cannot hold down any food or fluids for more than a week?

Answer Your baby is well protected, the only harm that will come is going to happen to the mother. The baby will take what it needs from the mother's body. More than a week is call for a little con... Read More »

My 16 month old daughter fell and her 2 front baby teeth shoved higher in her gums! Will they come back down?

Maybe, maybe not. You don't need to rush her to the dentist unless they are hurting her. The nerve in these teeth could begin to die b/c of the trauma to them. If this happens, these teeth will beg... Read More »

How to Make More Hot Water Come Out of the Shower?

Not having enough hot water may not be a result of the person that took a shower before you. There can be a number of reasons why a water heater may not be producing enough hot water. You can check... Read More »