How do you make superimposed graphs in Excel?

Answer Does not need to be 2007 version. You can superimpose the two using a simple "copy/paste" operation. But you may have problems if: • The two graphs share the same independent variable (X or ... Read More »

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How to Make Graphs & Charts in Excel?

While Excel is most commonly used as a simple piece of accounting software, its charting tools are top-notch, and make it useful in the fields of scientific research, financial analysis and forecas... Read More »

How to Make Graphs for Forecasting Sales in Excel?

Being a psychic isn't necessary for predicting future sales. All you need is your past sales data and Excel. Excel will do the work for you --- no programming or math degree required. For best resu... Read More »

Can you make line graphs on Microsoft Excel?

Just select the Cells with your different values. You can then choose the Chart Wizard icon, or go through the menu selection of INSERT ==> CHART...From the dialog window that appears, choose "Lin... Read More »

How do I use graphs in Microsoft Excel?

Select the DataLeft-click on the top left cell that holds the data that you want to make a graph out of. Press the "Shift" key and click on the bottom-right cell in you data field. All of the data ... Read More »