How do you make non alcoholic strawberry daiquiris?

Answer They're really easy. 2 oz. Sprite, 4 oz. strawberry puree, a couple scoops of ice cubes. Blend.For the puree you can either just blend up strawberries with a splash of water, puree frozen strawbe... Read More »

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Can you smell tequila in strawberry daiquiris?

WAIT!!!! 17 is < 21? WtF? All this time, who knew?The two things that determine this is the person (smeller) olfactory sensitivity and the amount of tequila in the drink. Scale back on the amount o... Read More »

Can I order Virgin Daiquiris at any restaurant?

At sports bar type restaurants like the ones you mentioned, you probably can. If you are unsure, then there's no harm in asking if they can make one. I work in a customer service type of job and ha... Read More »

How to Make a Strawberry Fan?

There are many creative ways to shape a strawberry. One way to shape a strawberry is to create a fan shape. Strawberry fans are creative garnishes that add color to a dessert serving plate.

How to Make Your Own Strawberry Pot?

Strawberry pots are usually terra cotta or some other type of clay pot that is tall and has several small tray openings for plants around the sides of the pot. Unless you are a master potter, chanc... Read More »