How to Make a Fire With Flint and Steel or Quartzite and Steel?

Answer If you do not want to use the two stick method for making a fire, because of the long time required, and because of the effort of making each piece of the bow drill, here is an easier way to get a ... Read More »

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Why does a steel nail sink but a steel boat float?

Place a nail of any variety of steel in a container of water and it invariably sinks. Make a boat of steel, however, and it floats in water. Of course, it's not through magic that this occurs. It'... Read More »

How to Make Steel Black?

Making steel turn black without actually applying paint to the surface is a trick that you must execute carefully. This is because you aren't actually applying a surface treatment to the steel, but... Read More »

How to Make Flint & Steel?

In the outdoors, being able to make a fire can be the difference between life and death. Fire is used for protection, warmth, food, and water purification. Modern man can use matches or a lighter t... Read More »

What steel is used to make hammers?

Although specialty hammers can be made of a number of other metals, most hammer heads are made of high carbon steel that has been heat treated. Heat treating makes the hammer durable and resistant ... Read More »