How do you make something less spicy?

Answer this might sound really weird, but i swear it tastes really good.add the slightest bit of sour cream and mozerella cheese to a spoonful of your chili, and try it. it tastes really good, and at the ... Read More »

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How to Make a Meal Less Spicy?

Whether you are cooking or eating a very spicy dish, it is useful to know how to reduce the spiciness if necessary. Sometimes, it is hard to tell just how much spiciness a teaspoon of curry powder ... Read More »

Something for my teenager to munch before lunch at school. Something Indian. Non messy, tangy / spicy, finger?

Dal Pakora1 cup channa dal1/2 cup moong dal1/2 cup masoor dal1/4 cup urad dal1/4 cup tur dalCoriander seeds 2tbspCumin seeds 2tbspGinger 2 inchesAsofoetida 1 tspCoriander leaves or fresh spinach ch... Read More »

Do you make your Chili mild, medium spicy or full of fire spicy?

Medium most of the time but depending on the occasion we have done the mild and the spicy also.BQ: Crackers, Cornbread is usually served with regular beans in our house.

I have strep throat and when i eat something it hurts (when i swallow) is there a way to make it less painful?

They do sell spray and drops like chloraseptic and chloraseptic spray at most drug stores, that has some phenol in it to freeze the throat.... or at least make it feel frozen. You may not like the... Read More »