How do you make scene hair on

Answer hey! i actually just found out today, umm there might be other ways to do this but this is how someone on girlsense told me how to so go into your desinging outfits studio thing or whatever it is t... Read More »

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How do I cut my hair to make it scene?

Hi i've got scene hair, so trust me I also cut hair for a hobbie, i recently did this style to my friend, she loved it!1. Straighten your hair completley 2. The main part of scene hair is the short... Read More »

How to Make Curly Hair Scene?

Since most hot scene styles are created with straight hair, curly haired girls usually straighten their hair. However, if you use a straightener too much, it will damage your hair. Even if you stra... Read More »

How to Make Curly Hair Adorably Scene?

Classic scene hair is usually supposed to be straight, but straightening your hair every day takes so much work, and really damages your hair. Learn how to make your hair work into your scene style.

How to Make Your Hair Scene when It's Shoulder Length and Brown?

So, you've decided to go Scene whilst you have shoulder-length hair that's naturally brown. This article is dedicated to your situation!