How do you make rice pilaf?

Answer My grandmother made hers by sauteeing the rice first in the cooking pot with a tablespoon of butter or oil and sometimes a tablespoon of finely chopped onion. You stir the rice a bit until the grai... Read More »

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How to Make Rice Pilaf?

Rice Pilaf is slightly sweet way to incorporate starch into your meal. This recipe yields about four servings.

How to Make Vegan Rice Pilaf?

This vegan dish makes a flavorful accompaniment to a main dish or as a standalone main course. Either way, this recipe only uses rice and vegetables, making for a truly healthy and unprocessed feast.

What is in rice pilaf?

Rice pilaf typically consists of long white grain rice, diced vegetables such as onion and celery and a spice blend such as seasoning salt. The rice is generally cooked in vegetable or chicken brot... Read More »

Types of Rice Pilaf?

A number of cultures have different versions of rice pilaf. Rice pilaf refers to a rice dish that features vegetables and a savory broth. Historians suggest that rice pilaf originated from the Arab... Read More »