How do you make pics like these for myspace?

Answer I will not tell you. Do not get infected by the disease that is Myspace. Meet people in real life.

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How to Create Funny Pics at Yourfunnypics.Com for use on Myspace?

At you’ll will create your own funny pictures just by uploading your photo and adding hats, sun glasses, masks, wigs, tattoos, jewels, mustaches, etc. to make it funny. You can ... Read More »

Girls, do you get creeped out when people you dont know are looking thru your pics on myspace or facebook?

No because I do it to! Especially if people have pics of their travels up, i love looking at other peoples pics! As long as you're not putting up inappropriate or distasteful pics of yourself what ... Read More »

How do i edit pics such as my pics and funny pics going around facebook these days?

Well Different People Probably Use Different Programs a Popular Photo Editing Program is Photoshop

My daughter deleted all the pics from her Sony Cyber-Shot 7.2. Does anyone know how to recover the pics?

im sorry i dont think she can! you can try taking it back to where you got it, maybe they have some miracle technology that can recover them.good luck!