How do you make my little sister feel better?

Answer be nice to her, play games (if shes young), make her feel happy, be a great sibling. love her

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I have sex with my sister and i don't like to have any galfriend or a life partner but some time i feel i have ruin my life as well as my sister's plez guide me cause i don't want to lose my sister.?

There is no need for you to loose your sister just because you stop having sex. You both need to move on and find people outside for your little world. Seek counseling in order to do this. And you ... Read More »

Your sister is not in good mood you want covice her and make her feel happy?

How can you get along better with a little sister you feel is so annoying?

Why brother would want to prove that his wife is superior to his sister while the sister don't care then why he need to make such weird and hurtful comments-comparison?

It's bad that he's being so horrible, but you can't really expect him to put you first. Maybe take up a new hobby to take your mind off things? Like grammar lessons?