How do you make money from youtube?

Answer put a cool video out there and make them come to your site to see more..charge them or get advertisers..

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YouTube question how do i make money of f of youtube i monitized my video to get money but am not getting view?

Well if you're not getting any views its one of the following reasons1. Your not promoting your videos well enough. You need to comment and subscribe to other channels, make use of social networkin... Read More »

How do you make your first bit of money on YouTube?

You can apply, but YouTube really has to come to you. They look for a certain amount of subscribers, which is around 2000 needed I think. You can have monitorization but you won't make money until ... Read More »

Can you make money from YouTube?

yeah you can but you have to become a partner and its like 5 dollars per a view once you become a partner or something like that but yes im pretty sure you can Read More »

How does Youtube make money?

people see advertisments. People buy product. Products company give fraction of income to youtube. Youtube profits