How do you make long penis?

Answer get a piece of rope and tie it to one end, then attach the other to a cynderblock. get on the roof or balcony of your house and drop the cynderblock. theres a 50/50 chance that it will get ripped o... Read More »

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I have a long penis do you?

How much long penis for sex?

A 2-3 inch penis is also Okay for having sex. But it depends whether you're woman is actually satisfied with it or not. If she ever had sex with a man who has a huge penis, she won't enjoy sex with... Read More »

How long is your penis?

Do you think the man whose penis is shown on the Wikipedia article, "Penis" is embarassed ?

No, his face isn't showing so why would he be embarrassed?Don't know if I'd be embarrassed while the pics were taken..I don't have a penis.