How do you make lemon essential oil?

Answer Lemon Essential oil is basically used in aroma therapy. It is used for acne, anemia, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, boils, brittle nails, broken capillaries, bronchitis, catarrh, cellulites, circulati... Read More »

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Benefits of Lemon & Tea Tree Essential Oils?

The use of essential oils for their benefits is not a new practice. For nearly 6,000 years, humans have distilled plant material for the internal and external application of oils to yield healing a... Read More »

Does lavender essential oil and lemon extract actually repel spiders?

I'm not so sure about either of these.But I know for a fact eucalyptus essential oil is a proven insecticide, pesticide, repellent and spider killer. Check this site: http://interestingfacts-today.... Read More »

Have u ever cured ur acne or spots using lemon on daily basis, does rubbing lemon on ur ance does it make it?

the body shop tea treeLUSH - celestialthese are face creams i usedi also put honey on my face :)but i did go to my doctor about my spots and he prescribed me an antibiotic cream and tablets called ... Read More »

How do i make lemon curd with reconstituted lemon juice?

Microwave Lemon CurdStart with a microwave safe bowl, where you will whisk together 1 cup of white sugar and three eggs until smooth and a ribbon-like consistency is achieved.Add Lemon JuiceNext st... Read More »