Do you put hot coffee into a blender with ice to make an iced coffee?

Answer Well, that's yummy to drink! You can do that. But be sure to lessen the sweetness of the caramel and all 3-4 scoops of milk for healthier and strong muscles and bones.Take care and GOD BLESS THE ... Read More »

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Can i make iced coffee with any kind of coffee?

You can make iced coffee with any kind of coffee for sure. You can boil the water put in the coffee powder let it strain it cool it add half and half with sugar,1/2 tea spoon of Vanilla essence and... Read More »

How to Make Iced Coffee?

It's a hot day. You want a coffee, but it's just too hot. You could get into your car and find a coffee shop, but the car is hot too. Why not make your own iced coffee? It's very easy to do and can... Read More »

How to Make Good Iced Coffee (Half and Half and Ground Coffee Method)?

No more making the coffee hours ahead of time and waiting for it to get cold and stale! This is a better way to make a cup of iced coffee.

How to Make Blended Iced Coffee?

Blended iced coffee drinks are like chocolate milkshakes for grownups. Your favorite coffee shop puts coffee, ice and flavorings like chocolate syrup into a blender to mix the drink, and whipped cr... Read More »