How do you make horseradish?

Answer You can buy horseradish as a root which you can peel and grate into a bowl. Beware it is very pungent and will have your eyes and nose streaming in no time. Place the grated horseradish into jars a... Read More »

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How to Make Hot Horseradish?

If you want to make hot horseradish, the best route to take is to prepare your own fresh horseradish. When dealing with this unpeeled, fresh root, you have the opportunity to completely control its... Read More »

How to Make Horseradish?

Horseradish is a condiment that comes from ground horseradish root. Also called horseradish sauce, this zesty concoction goes great on crackers, sandwiches, meats, cheeses and just about any food t... Read More »

How to Grind & Make Your Own Horseradish?

Horseradish requires quick work and good timing if you're going to capture the maximum pungency. Once the skin is peeled and air hits the root, a chemical reaction begins. For the first few minutes... Read More »

How to Make Horseradish Vinegar?

This is a great relish for meats and steamed vegetables. This is suitable for those who like some heat with their meal.