How do you make homemade Ketchup?

Answer First put a large pot on your head. Then have someone hit it as hard as possible with a Louiseville Slugger.

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How to Make Ketchup?

If you have a garden with more tomatoes than you can eat, you might want to turn some of them into homemade ketchup. It doesn't require many ingredients to make ketchup from fresh tomatoes, but you... Read More »

How to Make Tomato Ketchup?

Making tomato ketchup at home is a healthier alternative to processed ketchup. Preparing your own food is a good way to help limit the amount of chemical additives and preservatives in your everyda... Read More »

How do people make ketchup?

People can make ketchup by mixing pureed tomato or tomato paste with various ingredients such as vinegar, sugar, corn syrup and other spices. This process can be done by small quantities at home o... Read More »

How to Make a Tomato Free Ketchup?

This is for people who want ketchup without the tomato (such as if you are allergic to tomato) or a healthier, homemade alternative to ketchup. While this makes a sweet, tangy sauce, it does not ta... Read More »