How do you make friends with a girl if you only have her name and email address?

Answer Answer It's simple to make friends with a girl when you have her name and e-mail address. Hopefully she knows how you look like so she won't be scared you're a stalker. You just write to her often ... Read More »

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How to Hang With Your Guy Friends when You're the Only Girl Around?

If you're the kind of girl who's only friends are guys, it can be a bit awkward at times. But you can make it work and enjoy yourself at the same time. Here's how.

How to Hang out With Your Girl Friends when You're the Only Guy Around?

Have you ever been in a situation when you want to hang out with a bunch of girl friends, but you are the only guy? Many guys feel left out, or like a third wheel, in these situations. Maybe you ev... Read More »

How do i make an email address appear in the'to'line by typing the name in outlook mail?

Create a ContactClick on "Contacts" from the "Navigation Pane" in Microsoft Outlook 2007. Then click "New." In the "Contacts" window that opens up, enter the email address and the name associated w... Read More »

How to Find an Old Friend's Number/Address With Name & Country Only?

Throughout our whole life we meet people. Some stay, some go. However, that doesn't mean they have to be gone forever. With the growing popularity of social networks, it makes it easier to find old... Read More »