How to make your comedown on ecstacy feel better?

Answer Weed will probably help, that's about it. Try to keep yourself occupied, also.Honestly if you are getting that insane of effects from just two pills you should stop doing it. MDMA(assuming that's w... Read More »

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What happens when you take ecstacy?

Well first off, it really depends on whats in the pill considering its all being cut with different chemicals nowadays and you might not even feel an ecstacy high. Ecstacy usually makes you feel e... Read More »

What is ecstacy like?

I have never done ketamine, but I can tell you there is nothing like it.I'm not going to lecture you about drugs, but dont do it mainnn.Ever since I done it, I've been doing it every 2 weeks.It's a... Read More »

What is in mda capsules/ecstacy?

Does ecstacy effect your lounges?