The History of Dread Locks?

Answer Dreadlocks have a fascinating and colorful history--but it's one that's difficult to pin down. Although in modern society dreadlocks are often associated with hippies or marijuana, these associatio... Read More »

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What color should I dye my hair....I have dread locks?

Platinum! Dread up the carpet and add some funky looks;) Post pics when your done!

How to Make a Dread in Your Hair?

Dreadlocks are clusters of tangled, matted hair. Whether you make one dread in your hair or many, the process is the same. Making dreads requires ratting your hair with a fine-tooth comb and rollin... Read More »

How to Make Wool Dread Falls?

Dread falls are similar to dread locks but are usually worn as ponytail accessories rather than in wig form. Wool roving makes very light to wear dread falls. Wool dread falls are more delicate th... Read More »

How to Make Dread Hair Extensions?

Dread hair extensions allow you the versatility of a permanent hairstyle without the commitment. You can replicate the look of 10-year-old dreadlocks in 24 hours. You can also use dread hair extens... Read More »