How to Make Drawn Butter?

Answer Drawn butter is ideal for adding flavor to seafood, vegetables and a variety of other dishes. Making drawn butter isn't as simple as melting it in the microwave or on the stovetop. Also called clar... Read More »

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I was extremely upset and my hands were drawn up, my legs went numb from the knees down, my lips were drawn up?

If you were that upset, how did you possess the state of mind to look at what your lips were doing, and especially what your eyes were doing? Sometimes people who are upset get into fetal position... Read More »

How to Make a Hand Drawn Hologram?

Impress your friends by transferring your simpler art into a holographic format with a few easy-to-find materials and a little time. Holograms are images that appear to be three dimensional, either... Read More »

How to Make a Picture Look Drawn in Photoshop Cs3?

The image-editing computer software program Photoshop Cs3 offers users a number of different filters. These work by giving an existing image an artistic effect. Some of the options include texture,... Read More »

How to Make a Hand Drawn Crossword Puzzle?

If there's anything more satisfying than completing a tough crossword puzzle, it's creating your own puzzle. Creating crossword puzzles for publications require highly specialized skills and must f... Read More »