How do you make directv work with clearwire phone?

Answer Absoutely!

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What phone companies does DirecTV work with?

DirecTV does not list any affiliations with phone companies on the company's website. AT&T and Verizon are two phone companies that offer bundled services to include a phone and DirecTV services.So... Read More »

Does Vonage work with Clearwire?

The Vonage Internet telephone service should work with Clearwire as well as any other broadband Internet provider. There have been reports from Vonage users, however, that Clearwire has blocked acc... Read More »

Can my Internet router work with Clearwire?

An Internet Router will work with Clearwire, which is a high-speed Internet Service Provider (ISP). You do not need a special router in order to work with Clearwire Internet service. Clearwire us... Read More »

Has anyone figured out how to make the sentry big remote work with DirecTV?

It nay not be possible. The Sentry may not have the DirecTV codes stored in it. You'd probably be better off trying to get the Direct remote set up to take its place.