How do you make an upside down exclamation mark on the computer?

Answer If in MS Word:for a ¡ ALT/CTRL/SHIFT/!or, for a ¿, ALT/CTRL/SHIFT/?also, for an accent mark over a letter, CTRL/' (Apostrophe), the letteror for a tilde, CTRL/SHIFT/~, the letterFor a more compl... Read More »

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What does this mean Computer is in danger! etc. with an exclamation mark in yellow?

DO NOT DO IT! That's exactly what happend to my computer a few weeks ago. It's a Spy Bot Virus. Don't do it. You need to scan your computer for the virus and try to take it out. A lot of times ... Read More »

How do u make the upside down question mark on your key board?

this is not so much a monitor question but a software or language questionthe key command is alt + 0191use the numpad, the numbers across the top will not workyou could also open character map and ... Read More »

What does an exclamation mark after a number mean?

An exclamation mark after a number indicates a factorial operation. The number must be an integer. The quantity n! (n factorial) equals the product n(n-1)(n-2) ... (2)(1). For example, 4! = (4)(3)(... Read More »

What does the exclamation mark mean in mathematics?

In math, the exclamation mark represents a factorial, as in "n!" The "n!" represents the product of consecutive numbers 1 through "n," as in n!=1x2x3 ... (n-2)(n-1)n. For example, 5!=1x2x3x4x5. Zer... Read More »