How do you make a vacuum cleaner with a plastic bottle?

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A man cleaning his apartment pushes a vacuum cleaner with a force of magnitude 79.3 N The force makes an angle of 22.8 with the horizontal floor The vacuum cleaner is pushed 2.29 m to the right?

AnswerMost modern ice makers require 35 to 40 psi water pressure to properly operate. Attempting to use less pressure will result in no ice at all or possibly causing the solenoid valves to not ful... Read More »

How can you reverse the suction on a vacuum cleaner to inflate a plastic pillow?

DISCLAIMER: If you attempt to work on the innards of your vacuum cleaner, you are playing with potentially dangerous voltages. Enter at your own risk ! Most vacuum cleaners use a "universal" motor... Read More »

How to Make a Constellation Viewer With a Plastic Drink Bottle & Black Paper?

Many children have a fascination with space. They love looking at the night sky and imagining other planets, thinking about what they look like and wondering whether there is life on them. Parents ... Read More »

Is it possible to make your nipples bigger with a vacuum cleaner?