How do you make a sound on the iphone4 a ringtone?

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How do you set a ringtone from your iphone4?

Tap your Setting Icon on your home screen. Once in setting, tap Sounds. Ringtone will be the 4th option from the top.

How do you make the recorded sound in the Fun Voices application as ringtone on iPhone?

mms (In the text message app) or plug it into your computer - in the folder on the apple iphone camera

How do you turn sound on your iphone4?

Go to your setting Privacy Click reset my phone WARNING:it will delete all you app store accounts,also all of your apps you downloaded all of your contacts and all of you messages #ilovebeingme

How to Convert a Recorded Sound to a Ringtone on Metro PCS?

Ring tones come in a variety of styles. For instance, you can use your favorite song, sound effect or even your own voice as a ring tone. Since most cell phones now support personalized ringers, y... Read More »