How do you make a sound on the iphone4 a ringtone?

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How do you make the recorded sound in the Fun Voices application as ringtone on iPhone?

mms (In the text message app) or plug it into your computer - in the folder on the apple iphone camera

How do you set a ringtone from your iphone4?

Tap your Setting Icon on your home screen. Once in setting, tap Sounds. Ringtone will be the 4th option from the top.

How to Convert a Recorded Sound to a Ringtone on Metro PCS?

Ring tones come in a variety of styles. For instance, you can use your favorite song, sound effect or even your own voice as a ring tone. Since most cell phones now support personalized ringers, y... Read More »

How do you turn sound on your iphone4?

Go to your setting Privacy Click reset my phone WARNING:it will delete all you app store accounts,also all of your apps you downloaded all of your contacts and all of you messages #ilovebeingme