How do you make a smiley faces on ESPN?

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How do I make smiley faces in email?

Sign into the email account and start a new email message. Type in the address of the person it is intended for and place a subject in the subject line. Write the appropriate text in the message. W... Read More »

How to Make Smiley Faces in Text on MSN?

Emoticons, often called "smiley faces," are a lighthearted way to add a little emotion to your instant messenger conversations. Windows Live Messenger (formerly called MSN Messenger) will automatic... Read More »

What are some smiley faces you can make on facebook chat?

Check this site, it has some;…

How to Make Smiley Faces or Pictures With a Keyboard?

The smiley, and its many variants, has become an important part of digital messaging since Scott Fahlman introduced it in the early 1980s on a Carnegie Mellon University computer science general bo... Read More »