How do you make a separate picture album on your iPhone 4?

Answer the same way with all of the other iphones

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How to Make a Parent's Day Picture Album?

Everyone loves their parents, whether they tell them or not. Making them a Parents Day picture album will show them how much they really mean to you!

How to Make a Picture Album on Windows Movie Maker?

Have you ever wanted to make an album of pictures on Windows Movie Maker? Well, here's how!

How do i link a small picture to a larger picture in a separate browser window?

Size ImagesSize two images to your liking in an image editing program like GIMP or Adobe Photoshop--one smaller for the thumbnail, and the other larger for your pop-up window. Save as GIF, JPG, or ... Read More »

Can you make your iPhone take a front facing picture when it gets disabled?

Yes, there are indeed apps that will take a photo of the person messing with your phone.