How do you make a screen shot?

Answer Find the button PrtSc(print screen) press it and hem paste where ever you want.

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How do you make a screen shot/print screen of an email?

Press the PRTSCN (Print Screen) on your keyboard. It is normally above the INSERT key.They want to see the error message. Take the screen shot and paste it into an Email and send it back to them.

How to Make a Screen Shot?

Have you always wondered how people get pictures of their desktops? Follow these directions and you'll be one of them!

How do I make a screen shot of a screensaver?

View the ScreensaverLet the computer sit long enough to go to screensaver mode, or go to "Start" > "Control Panel" > "Appearance and Themes." Then, go to "Choose a Screensaver" and hit "Preview." T... Read More »

How to Make a RuneScape Screen Shot?

Share some of your accomplishments in "RuneScape" by taking screenshots of them to show off to online and offline friends. Screenshots are easy to make because your computer already has built-in so... Read More »