How do you make a pepsi slushie?

Answer What to do if you need the slushy NOW:Remove the jar from the blender.Pour Pepsi in the blender jar, and put the BLENDER JAR in the Freezer. When it is sufficiently frozen re-attach it to the blend... Read More »

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How to Make a Pepsi Slushie?

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How to Make a Icee or Slushie with a Slushie Express Machine?

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How to Make a Slushie?

You can drink a slushie to cool off on a hot day, at a party or sleepover or to just quench your thirst. There are many different ways to make a slushie. Here are two that you can try and choose. T... Read More »

How to Make a 7 Up Slushie?

This is a delicious slushie that you can enjoy on a hot day, at a party, or even as a meal! Remember to be creative when making it!