How do you make a peace sign on facebook?

Answer & #9774 ☮ peace sign----the peace sign does not have the semicolon.& #9834; ♪ music note& #9775; ☯ yin & yang& #9812; â™” crown& #9734; ☆ empty star& #9733; ★ full star& #3212; ಌ heart&... Read More »

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How do you make a peace sign music note and a star on facebook?

You can only copy and paste★♫♪✌

How to Do a Peace Sign on Facebook?

The social networking site Facebook is a popular website where people from all over the globe connect, play games and communicate using the written word. New Facebook users may be mystified when th... Read More »

How to Make a Peace Sign on Gimp 2?

GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) offers a variety of image-editing and drawing tools, including brush and line tools. Create a simple peace sign by drawing a circle using the Brush tool and ad... Read More »

How to Make a Peace Sign Craft?

Peace signs are really "in" to youth and teen girls right now. So, here's a cool, yet simply easy craft to hang on a wall in your room.