How do you make a peace sign on facebook?

Answer & #9774 ☮ peace sign----the peace sign does not have the semicolon.& #9834; ♪ music note& #9775; ☯ yin & yang& #9812; â™” crown& #9734; ☆ empty star& #9733; ★ full star& #3212; ಌ heart&... Read More »

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How do you make a peace sign music note and a star on facebook?

You can only copy and paste★♫♪✌

How to Do a Peace Sign on Facebook?

The social networking site Facebook is a popular website where people from all over the globe connect, play games and communicate using the written word. New Facebook users may be mystified when th... Read More »

How to Make a Peace Sign Craft?

Peace signs are really "in" to youth and teen girls right now. So, here's a cool, yet simply easy craft to hang on a wall in your room.

How to Make Peace Sign Accessories?

The peace sign is a universally recognized symbol of the beauty and hope that peace represents. It is loved by many, and it is needed in times of peace and war. Reminding others of the dream of p... Read More »