How do you make a paper omnitrix?

Answer Get any bottle lid and 1 A4 sheet of black paper and an A4 sheet of light green paper and a sheet of A4 Yellow paper and tape. Cover the lid in black paper and measure your arm width and cover you... Read More »

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How do I make a paper omnitrix?

Basic ElementsCut a strip of black card stock 2 inches wide. It should wrap around your wrist, with about 1 inch of overlap. Cut a gray circle that is 2 1/2 inches in diameter, and a white circle t... Read More »

How to Make a Ben 10 Omnitrix?

This article would benefit from step-by-step photos. You can help wikiHow by adding photos to this article. Click here for instructions. Notice added on 2010-02-20.Ever wanted to be like Ben 10? He... Read More »

How to make a real omnitrix?

There is no real omntrix it's a cartoon. Just buy a toy one. If there was a real omnitrix wouldn't it hurt you when you put it on it would have needles sticking into your DNA which will not chang... Read More »

How to Make Paper Beads With Stickyback Paper and Normal Paper?

You know those paper bead sets? Well this is how to make them without a fancy kit and tools.