How do you make a ntsc lcd tv to work in India?

Answer India uses the PAL color standard, in line with the UK and most of Europe. NTSC is an incompatible color encoding system used across North America. As well as color encoding differences, NTSC tel... Read More »

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You bought your new 3G iPhone in the USA and you are going to India in September will the phone work in India and will the wi fi work in India?

What do you think? Yea! If it doesn't that is a big waste of money! Anyway iPhones are bad phones! I had one and i would never get any calls! iPhones are the worst phones ever!

Will NTSC work in the UK?

The United Kingdom uses the PAL system, which means that an NTSC DVD will not work on a UK DVD player. NTSC systems are mostly in use by the USA and Canada, as well by some smaller countries like C... Read More »

Will my uk pal ps3 work in my ntsc tv with hdmi?

So many wrong answers floating by ignorants.Once a HDMI cable is connected there is NO MORE NTSC and PAL issues.Everything is solved.NTSC PAL on PS3 only required IF you are still using the old sch... Read More »

Will NTSC games work on a PAL?

yah my xbox 360 plays PAL, but Nintendo games are not region-free generally.