How do you make a not equal sign on keyboard?

Answer The mathematical sign can be inserted with the "character map" tool which is in accessories - system tools. scroll until you see your character ≠. As you select that character, you see U+2260 in ... Read More »

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How to Make the Equal "=" Sign on a Treo 650?

Figuring out the vagaries of the Treo 650 keyboard can be bewildering. Here is how you make the equals = sign on the keyboard.

How do I make a trademark sign on my keyboard?

Click on any text-editing or word processing program you want the trademark logo on. Depress the "Num Lock" key and ensure it is turned on. Hold the "Alt" key on your keyboard and type "0153" on yo... Read More »

How do I type / make a degree sign, as in the weather I'm searching my keyboard far & wide! Am i foolish?

Assuming you're using a Windows based PC, you may find this useful:Start -> Run -> type 'charmap' and enter.This program will show you all available characters for each font and their corresponding... Read More »

How do I insert/make the Philippine Peso sign in Microsoft Word using the keyboard shortcut?

1. Type 20b1 2. Press Down Alt3. Press Down XSpecial Note: DO NOT SIMULTANEOUSLY PRESS DOWN ALT & X. Fist press down is the ALT key. Then second press down is the X key.Result: 20b1 will change int... Read More »