How do you make a moss pole for a monstera plant?

Answer you can buy coco fibre mat or burlap, and then get a piece of plastic (pvc) tubing about 2" or more in diameter. Drill holes in the tubing for aereation. Wrap the mat around the tube, securing with... Read More »

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Will a monstera plant regrow if you trim it back And will the cut off piece grow roots if planted?

Depends what you mean by trim back. If there is a growth bud left on the stem then yes it should grow back given the right conditions. I the cutting is treated properly then it should root quite ea... Read More »

Does moss affect plant growth?

The moss itself does not effect plant growth directly. But, moss grows in soil with low pH, and the moss will hold water in the soil which is USUALLY good. Moss grows in soil that is shady, wet, an... Read More »

How to Plant & Care for Scotch Moss?

Perfect around stepping stones, throughout rock gardens, and as a groundcover, Scotch moss is a low, mat-forming perennial that remains an evergreen in zones 3 through 9. Reaching heights of only 1... Read More »

How do I plant tomatoes in peat moss?

PlantingFill one bucket full of peat moss and one bucket of the same size with store-bought compost or composting material of either grass clippings, leaves or old plants. Pour each bucket into one... Read More »