How to Make a Mind Eraser Shot?

Answer The mind eraser is served over ice, but you are supposed to consume the entire drink by gulping it through the straw in one quaff.

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How to Make an Eraser Car?

The finished eraser car.Spare eraser caps and the erasers off your pencil can be used very creatively to create small vehicles.

How to Make Eraser Darts?

This is how to make fun home-made darts.

How to Make an Eraser Doll?

Eraser dolls have been popular since the creation of the eraser (also known as a rubber in some parts of this wide world of ours). It won't cost you much to do, if anything, and you can create as m... Read More »

How to Make an Eraser Dude?

These Awesome little eraser dudes can do anything from fights to hockey. From Superheros to Soccer Players. Here is how you make one.