How do you make a live camera feed like in the movie Disturbia?

Answer I haven't seen Disturbia, but from your description the answer's no, it's not possible. Do some reading on "citizen journalism" - that'll give you some idea of what can and can't be done.

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What machine can make photo like camera and movie like camcorder?

How can i feed live camera footage into a pc to be projected?

Firstly you'll need a feed out of the camera. There will be a panel somewhere on the camera that when lifted will reveal in/out puts. You're looking for a yellow coloured female socket, whih uses a... Read More »

Which wireless live feed video camera should I buy?

If you want a cheaper, yet easy to set up wireless security camera, then a Linksys system is great:…Otherwise, the much more pricier Panasonic models are ... Read More »

Can you make videos from a home movie camera look like professionally done movies?

There are lots of things to know...1) Understand the limitations and capabilities of the camera.This was all shot on a cellphone:…2) Video is only part of... Read More »